Artist Statement Paintings




In music theory an interval, defined as “the distance between two notes,” is considered consonant or dissonant. A consonant sound is experienced as pleasant and a dissonant sound expresses tension with a desire to be resolved to a state of consonance. Simply stated, consonance and dissonance can be understood as tension and release.

My paintings are analogous with the works of modern jazz artists and 20th century composers whose music blurs the lines between consonance and dissonance to expand the ways in which it can be experienced.

The imagery is based on a narrative born of emotion as expressed through symbols and Jungian archetypes both familiar and enigmatic. In order to convey this narrative I have to connect with it on an intuitive level through the act of painting. In doing so, I can tap into a universal human experience deep within myself that I believe connects me with others.

I create playful dreamlike atmospheres that are densely laden with ominous, agitated, images cloaked in illuminated shapes and textures. Each painting has many paintings within it because I repetitively mix colors and layer them over and over each other, then remove or wipe out forms just enough to reveal and conceal the right amount of visual information for the viewer to recognize a childlike symbol or a nightmarish mood and experience it in their own memory. In a dreamlike fashion, not only do seemingly incompatible parts fit together, but their potency relies on their close proximity to one another. This energetic process creates an overlapping and integrated experience of consonance and dissonance in its visual form.