Artist Statement Paintings

img_4389My paintings are an attempt to comprehend interior conflicts by reenacting them through a visceral task of painting. Ultimately, the work acts as a buffer, so that I may reconnect with my cosmic self. The imagery I create is characterized by a celebration of dark and light, joy and sadness, or fear and fearlessness in the form of stories, bursting with bouts of tension and relief interpreted from dreams. The rhythm of my mark making is just as important as how a mark looks on the surface; a visual dance appears. To keep it from becoming motionless on a two dimensional surface, I allow my construction process to bleed through so that there is a sense of interpretative mobility, a door left ajar…. I find myself laboring like a surgeon, fiercely constructing and deconstructing layers of paint as if they were cells in the body dying and rebuilding…I treat the paintings like patients, each with a specific wound that needs dressing. The pulse of a realized art work surfaces amidst the remnants of effort and stillness at play during its creation.